Easy Boat Cover Support

cover support Not sure about everyone else out there, as it depends on where you are, but we have had rain, snow, snow, rain, and then over three weeks of sub freezing temps for the most part. During this time, my recent acquired boat cover had sagged on the non windshield side. This of course lead to a substantial amount of water that froze in place. Several inches thick and stuck there. I investigated a commercial support, but they were pricey and a single point of support, which left me feeling like I would have to purchase at least two – so… Continue reading “Easy Boat Cover Support”

Shows & Tackle Swap Meets

Fishing Swap Meet FlyerIt is that time of year, and especially for us this year, when it just to cold and the weather is otherwise uncooperative to get on the water. While I am ready to go just about anytime I can find someone else willing to go, the winter weather would mean frozen ramps to launch the past several weeks. So, to pacify myself and allow some day dreaming, there are some other alternatives available. Namely, the boat & recreation shows that will be quickly followed by several local tackle swap meets. Here are few going on and/or coming up:

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Leader Holder

Noodle with Lines and HooksCrappie fishing is one of the two main species that I attempt to catch on occasion.  One of the things that a friend of mine who is much more the expert is always making clear to me is the more time your line is in the water the higher the chances of find the elusive bite for the day.  To that end, I have started tying up double rigs and leads ahead of time to minimize the time out of the water.  The problem of course is keeping those pre-tied leads from becoming tangled.

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Throttle Cable & More…

Controller & CablesWell, my intent has been to post a lot more about fishing and how it has went as I have been doing that this summer, off and on, a lot.  However, it seems when I am a stretch of fishing that is what I have time for and not much else.  And when I am stretch of bad fishing time, well, I have so many other things to catch up on… So, I owe a bunch.  But I got some notes and right now a bad throttle cable keeping off the water to boot… Continue reading “Throttle Cable & More…”

Taylorsville Lake – Crappie and Catfish

2013-04-27 18.27.41A few days ago, in late April went to Taylorsville lake for an outing with my brother and some of my nephews.  It was exciting for me, as it was the second time having the boat on the water.  The plan was to put in at the upper end of the lake and go for some crappie if the water was clear enough.  While out, as there are cats a plenty there, we were going to drop out a few jug lines (mine are noodles) and see what we could catch.  Lastly, there was a tentative plan to head up into the Salt River and see if we could get in on the white bass run.  Fall back was to head down to the damn area where it would likely be clearer. Continue reading “Taylorsville Lake – Crappie and Catfish”

New Boat

I had an older boat that in two years of working on it (okay, really I was piddling), still had yet to see the water.  As I thought about, as with other things, I realized I did not want a point to be a boat repairman, but rather to fish out of it. So a few weeks ago, I sold that boat and with the proceeds, tax money, and a piggy bank I have purchased a new one.  Well, that is new to me – it is still a bit of an older boat.  But minimum effort and this one is ready to go into the water for some fishing, which is the goal. Continue reading “New Boat”